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What's new? Well, we've been hearing from a lot of you and taking your comments and concerns into account.

1. New City-owned highlight

The interactive map now highlights properties that may be subject to the City's Homesteading program. Note that there is still no official list, and these properties may or may not (all) be included.

A couple of reminders, because we've heard that some of you are behaving badly:

  • PRIVATE PROPERTIES ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE "DOLLAR" PROGRAM. We've heard about creepy people running around private properties, trying to "assess" them. Don't do that. If the owner is not "City of Trenton", it is not being sold for a dollar. Come on, everyone, get a grip.

2. Corrections page

Also, we have a new list of updated properties that are not vacant but were previously categorized as vacant. When we catch errors, or if we hear that a property's status has changed since we conducted the field survey, we update the data and map to reflect that. At the request of property owners who have been on the receiving end of some bad behaviour, we've added this "not vacant" page as well.

Please keep in mind that the most up-to-date data set is the interactive map -- not the download you made three weeks ago.

3. Interactivity

We're revamping the map to improve the aesthetics and make it more easily adaptable for interactivity. Please be patient.

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